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Our Mission

To help people achieve financial freedom by investing in apartments and to improve working class communities by providing safe, clean housing to our tenants.

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About Us


We have been involved in real estate investments since 2002.  We have owned commercial office buildings, residential houses, land and multifamily properties in California, Texas and Tennessee.  Our real estate experience includes real estate sales, property management, home building and home renovations. Multifamily properties have always been the most positive and predictable real estate investment for us and is where we now place most of our focus.

We buy apartments that have value-add opportunities.  Our focus is on buying in specific markets with very specific investing criteria that allow our team to buy and create tremendous value to the properties through a strategic business plan, always unique to each property.  Our business plan for each investment is built based on the current market cycle, future projections and historical data. This business is  a win, win, win; whereas our investors win seeing very nice profits, our tenants win with a beautiful safe place to call home, and the general community wins.
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